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Last day in Bangkok

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Yesterday we went to Centralworld, an area of Bangkok where there is an abundance of shopping. There are some high end places as well as your usual midrange shopping, markets and wholesale. It is a crazy area, heavily crowded and full of energy. The roads are congested with all types of traffic, cars, trucks, bikes, tuk tuks and even people pushing carts. To cross the road you have to commit to running out in front of traffic in the hope that they stop or like Evan and I do, latch yourself onto the locals and cross in a pack.


It was one of the hottest days we have experienced yet yesterday and I was getting sunburnt so I invested in a hat. The day ended with a crazy heavy downpour which quickly dissipated and left the streets steamy and filthy muddy with stinky water.


They had food markets set up outside the mall in a square and there was a promotional event for a dish washing detergent company where they had dish washing competitions. This exciting event drew a huge crowd as well as media and it was really funny to watch the commotion.


The food markets were awesome. We had some really fresh delicious noodles, spring rolls and mango with sticky coconut rice (my new favourite thing). We ate there and also took some food back to our hotel for dinner later and my dinner which consisted of a spring roll, noodles, pineapple and bottle of water cost $2.20 AUD - unbelievable! And it was all deliciously fresh and tasty.


Today we are leaving Bangkok to head South to Krabi. We are both looking forward to chilling near the water and enjoying some relaxing massages on the beach. We also plan to snorkel and possibly try parasailing which I have never done but have always wanted to try.

Good bye Sukhumvit.


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Wat Pho and Khaosan Road

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Today we visited Wat Pho, an area that has a few temples and many different statues of Buddha. It is where the famous ‘reclining’ buddha is found. To get to this area we had to get the ferry again which was much easier than the previous day because we sort of understand the chaos a bit better now.


When we arrived at Wat Pho we went into the first temple which has the reclining buddha in it. I expected a medium sized statue but what I saw was a massive statue (15 m high and 43 m long) that fills the whole space. It is truly amazing! It was difficult to capture the whole thing in our photos because it is positioned as though the building is built around the statue. The whole complex was interesting, I have never seen so many gold statues. There was one part where all the walkways were filled with the same statue replicated over and over and it appeared as though hundreds of buddhas were watching us.


After this we visited Khao San Road, the backpacker district. It is a street that is filled with vendors and markets. Everything is for sale including cockroaches. Here we had our first official Thai meal and Evan had his favourite, Panang Chicken. We also had some street food which was delicious. This area is pretty happening and there is lots to see and do. We are returning to Bangkok later to fly to Hanoi and we will probably stay in this part of the city next time so we can see more of it.


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Tuk Tuks, The Grand Palace, Ferries and Sukhumvit

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We wanted to visit the Grand Palace and saw that it was only a 1.5 hour walk there from our accommodation so decided to do that. When we mentioned this to our hotel manager he advised us against this as it was a difficult walk through the city and a better option was to get the train then the ferry. On our way to the station a tuk tuk driver offered to take us anywhere for 20 baht (70 cents).


The guy was very friendly and we agreed to take his offer. Then things turned sour when he said he was taking us to his shop on the way to buy some things. I said no, we only want to go to the river to get the ferry. He complained saying "I gave you good price, I help you why don't you help me?" We said not to worry and walked away.

He chased us down and said he would take us where we wanted so we hopped into the tuk tuk. After a much longer ride than we expected he took us to the river and because he did what he said he would we thought we would give the guy a tip and paid him about $1.80 (generous, I know!) Anyway we shouldn't have been so nice cause he dropped us at the wrong place and conveniently there was a man there who could 'help' us out by taking us up the river for a very good price. We decided to walk. Along the way we saw some cool things but the heat was so extreme and the long walk really took it out of us.


When we arrived at the Grand Palace we were stopped by a 'government official' who told us that we can't visit the temple till the afternoon because of prayer time but he could help us out but asking a tuk tuk driver to take us around to some other places to fill the time and wow, look one just happens to be waiting for us! and we are also very lucky because there is a very special one-off today only sale at a very good shop that we should visit on the way, We had heard this one before! It was total bullshit cause we walked straight into the palace and there was no prayer time. The palace was beautiful and the grounds had many buildings including the famous emerald buddha which was really amazing.


We caught the local ferry back to Sukhumvit, where we are staying. That was another insane experience! There are no signs, no indication of where to go, buy your ticket etc. And when I asked someone I was waved off or pushed aside. Eventually we managed to figure it out and while we stood on the boat, being thrown to the side each time it docked were were yelled at by the officials on board to move each time we stood in a new position. They just scream at everyone until you just ignore them and then they give up.
That night we explored Sukhumvit and in typical Evan and Ali style we managed to find a Mexican restaurant with two for one drinks and all you can eat buffet. We also found a little side street with an awesome dive bar called 'Cheap Charlies' which was a cool experience.
All in all day one was a good day with many lessons learnt. It was funny, when we first arrived we were commenting that this felt like Australia and it didn't feel like we were overseas but after today we both agreed that now we really know we are not in Australia anymore!


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Bangin' Bangkok

31 °C
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We made it!

Immediately after leaving the air-conditioned train from the airport we were assaulted by thick, sticky air and started sweating. There are lots of smells everywhere, most not too pleasant especially for me being vegan. We also walked past a few of the famous stinky durian fruit which I might try at some point. We better get used to the heat and the smells I think we are going to be experiencing this a lot.

Our accommodation is in Sukhumvit which on first impressions seems like a pretty happening area. Lots of bars and food. We were greeted by lovely people at our hotel and because we are on our honeymoon, when we entered our room found this:


Very cute!

I think we are going to like it here...

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Embarking on our newest adventure

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Hello friends

New name, new adventure. So excited to start this epic journey through Asia.

We are currently in Hong Kong, about to leave for Bangkok.

More to come...

Alison and Evan_84

Alison and Evan_84

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